Ready for deals? BuyBox 17 has got your back!

What is

Harnessing all the marketing might of eBay and Amazon, an innovative new chrome extension shopping App, putting back into the safe hands of business retailers the power of the independently minded purchaser:

Price scraping algorithms instantly display the best daily deals available whilst you browse the web. We’re like your shopping genie.

Customer service, five star satisfaction, minus third party fees + subscriptions

Independent retailors winning back control of customer data, marketing, the freedom to expand

Appearing like magic on the product page of Amazon,

BuyBox17 instantly shows customers savings on alternative websites

Exampled here by a cheaper price comparison at Argos

Free Delivery Services Displayed

Retailer Promo & Discount Codes Displayed. Customer savings unavailable on the Amazon website = A price reduction of £22.41 by purchasing on the advertised retailers website, using the ‘SAVE10’ promo code

A green, Earth-friendly App, BuyBox17 allows for the filtering of independent businesses with zero carbon delivery options

Sustainable packaging and materials…. BuyBox17 has your back

Recyclable, Refurbished products? 

BuyBox17 supports the businesses with the best ‘green credentials

In a mad rush for your purchases?

Then look out for the Click and Collect in Store options

Displayed here, small independent business, Chigwell Satellite,is advertising a product on Amazon. But Amazon deny the advertising of its credentials and offerings in favour of its own limited services

Meanwhile, over on Chigwell Satellite’s home website thissame product is cheaper, coming without subscription and free Next Day Delivery.

Clicking on the BuyBox17 pop-up box, instantly see the USP’s of home brand businesses